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Lucia Nhamo

Lucia Nhamo

Lucia Nhamo is a Zimbabwean visual artist currently based in the United States. She explores counter-narratives and power relations through performance, animation, video, printmaking and sculpture.

Website URL: www.lucianhamo.com
Monday, 02 March 2015 19:53


Project Statement:

At the height of Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation in 2008, the one hundred trillion dollar note was released before the currency was abandoned in 2009 and the U.S. dollar was officially adopted. Throughout its 19-year history, the image of the Chiremba balancing rocks has featured on each Zimbabwe dollar note face. A large part of the rocks’ visual intrigue lies in the manner in which they seem to be balanced against each other in a precarious state of equilibrium. In a climate dogged by uncertainty and overgrown with speculation, many people consider the prospect of the currency’s return to be imminent.

Artist Statement:

I am interested in the idea of the counter-monument as a material and conceptual strategy of political subversion. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, I draw on my own evolving experience of citizenship as one of the main influences in my work. The counter-monument becomes a way to anchor myself in the places and issues that are of importance to me; it also prevents me from becoming completely disillusioned by what it seems I cannot change.