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kristine Hymøller

kristine Hymøller


‘Olympics Games’ & Manifestation

With the Olympic buzz in the air, I often come to think about states, and flags, and the feelings that the exercise of physical competition inspires.

 Simultaneously I investigate the combination of the ideal body and political manipulation. The social, emotional and physical aspects of corporeality and how different environments can affect the body and our most intimate physical condition

The performance Olympia Carved Torso - A Drama in Five Acts, I was interested in the similarities between the ancient and modern Olympic sports, which in many ways are a political tool used by the city-states to assert dominance over their rivals. It is an event in which the ideal body in its most sublime form are exposed to the publicly. 



Sunday, 07 November 2010 02:00


Twosome is a looping animation from photostills. Sculptural requisites cover parts of the body and coodinate motion. Made in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2009.

Encountering gender, male and female entities, social roles and stylization in the "city-shape", Hymøller investigates how a simple shape is able to recall memory. How humans naturally connect outlines and form thoughts and emotions. How we identify, mirror, define and reflect on our self-image through anything visible or tangible.

Begun in 2008, "Intimate City-shape Living Sculpture" is a body of work dealing with corporality, constituting Hymøller's previous sculptural research, and including sculptures, sculptural requisites, objects, photographs, drawings and resonant performance