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  • ?

    By Jason Wallin
    Each of the three images that compose this series focus on the presence of an unknown or questionable object at its focal point. This
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  • ?

    By Niklas Zimmer
    Lately, I have been grappling more than ever with the contradiction between passionately wanting to master the medium of photography on the one hand,
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  • ? !

    By Enikö Gömöri
    Sometimes there is an answer.
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  • Asking For It

    By Alex Brew
    I want images that explore those skewed power dynamics between men and women that make objectifying men so difficult. I approach men in public
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  • Bad Wallpaper

    By Timo Wang
    A story is told through a series of questions. Tim pursues an approach to art that draws from the raw humour and delight of
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  • In a less-than-perfect world it is easy to block out the negatives by turning a blind eye, refusing to accept any harsh realities by
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  • Existential Angst

    By Thelma van Rensburg
    Is there a more pressing question than the question and experience of existence...? Occasionally, late at night, while trying to sleep and failing, I
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  • Faith in the Streets

    By Anneli Marinovich
    The series of photos was taken in Naples, Italy in August 2007. Each street tells a different tale and the subtle relationship between ancient
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  • Flesh Couture

    By Kelly Wainwright
    Flesh Couture is part of the CAPE COUTURE chapter of the PLAY JUMP EAT project, which explores play, joy, beauty, abundance and juxtaposition. Photography
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  • Floating Series

    By Melanie Beisswenger
    The Floating Series captures a moment in time of a fleeting object. It investigates movement and the perception thereof and challenges the boundary between
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  • Heat Trapping Asses

    By Jay Critchley
    This is an excerpt from an annual ritual I create each January 7, the day after the Epiphany and the "12 Days of Stockpiling."
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  • Hints

    By Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn
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  • Limbo on Nyerere Road

    By Dawid Wapenaar
    The image was made during a trip to Tanzania in July, 2009, on the Arusha town square. The image portrays a Masai couple coming
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  • Lunch Hour

    By Iva Radivojevic
    Lunch Hour documents an experience in NYC's Chinatown. Like stepping into a different land, all senses are alert with the lively bustle of life.
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  • New Italians

    By Lemeh42
    The "New Italians" project deals with the massive immigration phenomenon from Africa towards Italy. To do this project Lemeh42 has taken part to a
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  • On Having Left You

    By Matthew Woodward
    The work included in On Having Left You is concerned with classical elements of European architecture as they have been reappropriated and recontextualized in
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  • Q

    By Eduardo Cachucho
    Q is an enigmatic figure. No one knows how to class Q; male or female, gay or straight, genius or simpleton. At the age
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  • Questions Create

    By Tanya Stroh
    Questions create more than their sum. Questions create answers, sometimes easy, sometimes not.Questions create other questions: more profound, more direct, more simple, more irrelevant.Questions
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  • Senzani na?

    By Reggie Legoale
    Senzeni Na (What have we done?) is one of the most powerful and moving anthems during South Africa's anti-apartheid struggle. This anthem was sung
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  • The Question Visualized

    By Henry Gwiazda
    How do we make a question visible?
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  • Third Generation Pride

    By Hadas Tapouchi
    Third Generation Pride explores a possible link between the Holocaust in previous Nazi-Germany and the social reality of contemporary queer culture in Tel Aviv,
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  • Untitled

    By Paul Burns
    My work is primarily a task in tracking the phenomenon of vision. Observations of various forms and light in commonplace settings such as room
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  • Weeds and a Cloud

    By David Averbuch
    The photo was taken on top of the Pilatus mountain in Switzerland. The text expresses the uneasiness that I feel when I encounter an
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  • Wikigod

    By Jason Ferguson
    "Google Searching for God" is an installation that presents my use of the #1 rated search engine GOOGLE (according to comScore?s monthly search engine
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  • What shall I write about for my editorial? A good question, and appropriate to the theme at hand despite being rather predictable and clichéd.
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  • Bodyhood

    By Karin Pampallis
    Bodyhood is Leon de Kock's third poetry collection (preceded by Bloodsong and gone to the edges). The volume is divided in four "Journals", each
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  • Dear Olive

    By Vincent Huck
    Dear Olive, I'm angry! Angry at you! So I decided to write to you, because our relationship is not working. You are denying me
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  • Excursions

    By Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock
      Outdoor movie theater across from Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman's house on Via Vittorio Emanuele, Stromboli, 2006 "At last I saw the figure
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  • Let the Right One In

    By Anna Malczyk
    Despite what the cover blurb and the recent wave of publicity may tell you, John Lindqvist has not 'reinvented the vampire novel'. He's done
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  • May I Ask?

    By Park McArthur
      Architecture of Desegregation (how to get a wheelchair over sand)  May I ask, when we talk about racism and sexism and classism and
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  • New Writing from Africa 2009 presents the 34 finalists of the PEN/Studzinski Literary Award. 827 stories from all over Africa were entered for the
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  • Q and A

    By Mehita Iqani
    Zinaid Meeran's debut novel Saracen at the Gates, winner of the EU Literary Award, was published in 2009 by Jacana. It is "a revolutionary
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  • The Man from Beijing

    By Karina Magdalena Szczurek
    For years now, my friends reading Henning Mankell's work in German, Polish and English translation have been recommending his books to me. In spite
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  • Caterwaul

    By Wamuwi Mbao
    I walked over the hills and crests,Flushed with the momentary ecstasy of existing on a cooling summereveningWhen the town remembered what summer truly was.As
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  • Crushed Velvet

    By Vanessa Herman
    What is a woman who is too strong called? Is she the fathomless tides that bleed her? Is she the deepest sound of a
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  • Distance

    By Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon
    Your roomsYour rooms were stations -Clapham, Camberwell, Tufnell Park.Our bodies Epitaphs of motion -The oratory of breathMoistening the night air,Thoughts like wires Sparking in
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  • Divide

    By Megan van der Nest
    I come awaywith aching jaw,teeth clenchedagainst the wordsI should not say.My anger,my derision,my despair,will teach them nothing.The blind cannotlead the blind, but nor can
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  • Exam

    By Kuan-ming Lin
      A math question from the Joint College Entrance Examination held in Taiwan, which unconventionally contains very few math symbols; therefore it is hardly
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  • Let's throw a party

    By Ahmed Patel
    Avina: Let's throw a party. Joe: Where? Avina: Right here in our flat. Joe: Okay. But who will we invite? And of those, who
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