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  • A Dream of Taboos

    By John Oyewale
    A DREAM OF TABOOS Mayowa crossed the busy dual carriageway – crossed the first carriageway, then the serpentine concrete divider, then the second – without using
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  • A Man About the House

    By Katie Appleyard
    I’m well aware of the fact that this account is going to ruffle some feminist feathers. Admitting to anything anti-the-independent-woman is never well received.
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  • So there I was, beyond laughter, beyond tears. I had quit hoping that the reaper would come. I didn't have as much funding as
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  • Ah So!

    By Damian Garside
    and so what we were saying ... ah yes, you said fuck,  what about all those grammatical taboos such as starting a sentence  with a
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  • if I were on death rowwould I beg them to execute meand choose death by bulletsor the gas chamber would I shout my innocence to
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  • Another Choice

    By Serah Mbatia
    The spectators went wild. A simple dare was about to lead me on a dangerous mission while killing my love life. Yet something deep
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  • Awakening

    By Sue Guthrie
    “You can’t come with! You can’t come!” James gloated, “only boys!” Crowing, he swivelled toward my father for adult confirmation. “Tell her Dad! Tell
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  • Berbera

    By Mohamed Sheikh Abdiaziz
    It is a Friday. You know you have to get going before it rains or the clock reads 5pm because whichever of these two
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  • Circle of Joy

    By Juleigh Howard-Hobson
    Circle of Joy First find a good, thin, piece of wire, whichIs long enough to twist around its ownSelf and your flesh. Thighs are
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  • Cold Feet

    By T. Michael Mboya
    So:afterand in spite ofall thiscontentionin the bloodand its consequencesI willat bestbe- only that?A good fathertrappedby high voicesflying bat-blindabout aconcrete and glasscage?I can just seemyselfduckingand
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  • Cruising

    By Andie Miller
    He grew up in a farming family "less than an hour’s drive from Cape Town, but a million miles from here. What was traditional
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  • Curtain Calls

    By Ashley Makue
    My mother said ‘don’t be vulgar’I was hanging on the window like an old curtain. Still pretty, rocking on a grass chair and fitting
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  • Deciduous

    By Lucinda de Leeuw
    Not yours Not your vows   Theirs   To love and be loved You’re the third subject You have no place here You wear
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  • Dog Training

    By JF Liebling
    Lean back and dis en gage.I watch the dogs play; biting and falling. ‘Mugabe is actually his grandson; he had plastic surgery to look
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  • Don't Talk About This

    By Norbert Herrmann
    “My friend,” Lebo claims “every morning way before dawn my friend has to pass this area.” Lebo points at the shacks, the rubbish, the
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  • Drum Roll Please...

    By Seamus OBrien
    1.) Drum Roll Please..., 2013, Acrylic on Canvas, 91.4 x 182.8cm2.) Colorful Balloons and Bright Confetti, 2010, Acrylic on Canvas, 213.4 x 213.4cm3.) Here
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  • As a photographer I work mostly from a personal place, merging events from my past and present. My work touches on various subjects such
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  • Folio #1

    By Nicole Charney Esbach
    I will drown your demons in the river of my heartIf you let me, I will unfasten the silent darkMake a crown of your
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  • Folio #2

    By Nicole Charney Esbach
    Hello little dancer, twinkling eyes, bells of laughterLove bitten – now courting disasterDance, dance from here on after.
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  • Folio #3

    By Nicole Charney Esbach
    i have lost something,in my attempts to be claimeda Truth, perhapsthat cannot be namedYet, in the losingan Ihas been formedcleansed of selfunknowingly Re-bornBut this,
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  • How I Hate You

    By Genna Gardini
    How I hate you, other girl, is not how I hate myself. It’s not even how I hate the story you want to hear
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  • Issue 12: TABOOS

    By Karina Magdalena Szczurek
    We all know those fluid cunning words or concepts that manage to slip through our fingers no matter how carefully we approach them. I
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  • Kosblik

    By Marina Geertsema
    Uit Afrikaans sal ’n kosblik vertaal word as ‘lunchbox’, maar die titel van die boek is Kos Blik. Kyk na kos; m.a.w. ‘views on
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  • Lungfish

    By Lance Manion
    I've always wanted to name a book "Lungfish." Of course, nobody is going to buy a book called "Lungfish" so I thought I'd better
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  • Mantra

    By Damian Garside
    I dig your poem full of things taboo  but feel it can   only read much better backwards  like the    crooning of a
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  • These images were taken across the United States in 2008. They are part of a multimedia project documenting marginal art networks in the country.
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  • me=mycelium=me

    By Nedine Moonsamy
    1.I remember the weather that day because it was the weather that set us off on a course that we otherwise would not have
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  • Mechaniborg

    By Dennis M. Lane
    Being a coal miner, one is always half expecting death. That last day, the day of the explosion, what I didn’t expect was that
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  • Narcosis

    By Liam Kruger
    So they were never especially clear, when they spoke of Narcissus; they called him beautiful, yes, but beautiful is a well so often drawn
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  • Nat Geo

    By Jana van Niekerk
    Who made JaguarWho killed JaguarWho watched JaguarWho saw Jaguar?And did you pursue the jaguar?Brown bear in the snow.People marvel and take photos.Remember this, remember
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  • No Fault

    By Chris Evans
    No FaultA play CHARACTER LISTANGELINE: Mid-30s, tall with long blond hair, aggressive, demanding, Wallace’s wifeWALLACE: Mid-30s, dark hair and glasses, anxious, a bit clueless,
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  • Oh Babylon

    By Kirsty Van Greunen
    The capital, the hunch terror pound and lactating pustules of hope – you know –but do you know the word of mouth that spreads the
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  • Parched Times

    By Isadora Calil
    Light had a soothing effect on her. Seated at her grandmother’s porch, Lara contemplated little bright particles revolving around a light bulb. Their magical
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  • Pictures of the Sky

    By Chris Clark
    No-one can remember exactly when Phillimina arrived in the village. This is strange considering its size and remoteness. Visitors from The World Outside were
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  • Plague

    By Joanna Chen
    There is a big black Xscrawled in the skyabove the block we live in. Apartment: 7Block: 3It means: Bring out your dead.But today is
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  • Q&A with Helena S. Paige

    By Karina Magdalena Szczurek
    A little over a year ago, three friends walked into a restaurant as Sarah Lotz, Nick Paige and Helen Moffett, and walked out as Helena
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  • Sharp Edges is the fourth novel by the highly successful South African YA (Young Adult fiction) author, S.A. Partridge. Her first, The Goblet Club, was
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  • Ring

    By Liesl Jobson
    RingI look in my drawer for the engagement ring, the one with the hole like a gaping tooth where the diamond fell from it
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