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  • A Problem With Mirrors

    By Terence Kuch
    On Tuesday, August 14th, the mirrors failed us. There had been some forewarning, to be sure: faces dimmed; haircut not reflected for several days,
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  • ...this semi-selfie was taken crouched down in a cab while waiting for hours and hours and hours on a bridge for an international bicycle
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  • Black City

    By Adam Cramb
    Caffeine, codeine, and Benzedrine. American Gothic and dharma desolation. We'd all been outsourced to the North. Doing long hall for 2-4. She had been
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  • Blood Knot

    By Dashen Naicker
    At the end, her room smelled of blood. Sharp and metallic.Stronger than the burning wood and rubbishwe normally smelled at night.I never saw her
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  • Continuity

    By Joop Bersee
    O yes! Right at the end, surrendering our eyes, belonging to destruction.   Look at the stains on your hands, a tongue licking your skin
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  • Covered by one dot

    By Kristine Hymøller
    Is it possible to detect and identify individuals in a crowd? The photograph is found in a Danish newspaper and pictures a demonstration. Each
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  • Crime Scene

    By Dennis M. Lane
    I sit and watch as the police photographer records all of the gruesome details of the crime scene. There’s something unreal about it all,
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  • Domestic Bliss

    By Jana van Niekerk
      Goodness knows what happened to my last e-mail. I keep a little diary of days, is someone’s heart beaten between us? Because something
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  • Fail Deadly

    By Vincent Bezuidenhout
    Fail Deadly‘Fail Deadly is a concept in nuclear military strategy that encourages deterrence by guaranteeing an immediate, automatic, and overwhelming response to an attack.
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  • Hiding in Plain Sight

    By Asanda Ngoasheng
    Hiding in plain sightI don’t know when it started or howbut I know it happenedI hid myself from meI hid in plain sight for
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  • In The Spring

    By Henali Kuit
    My killer flipped me over and opened the flap of skin he had cut into my torso. He sighed like he was happy. My
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  • KroppKaKa

    By Liliana Sanchez
    KroppKaKa is a limited edition book, as part of Anonymous Materials, an art project that explores a set of symptoms related to contemporary melancholy.
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  • Manufactured Britishness

    By Kristina Cranfeld
    What is the future of citizenship in Britain and what new rules will be proposed for immigrants to become citizens? Manufactured Britishness is a
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  • Marilyn Monroe

    By Abigail George
    Blonde threads.Standing solitude.Every tear a waterfall.Amidst the oblivionof Pompeian-Hollywood.Drug addict.Alcohol done her in.The earthly possessionsof an American symbolof movie star royalty.Nymphomaniac.Once upon a timea
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  • Missing it

    By Justine Joseph
    Up, Not Down, Went the red balloon with its helium heart. Somehow, it detached itself from the party string And, Up From the ground
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  • O=O

    By Ewa Wesolowska
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  • On Display

    By Seth Simon
    The items found on display at museums, historic sites or even roadside attractions document moments in our shared social history that we wish to
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  • Performing Ground

    By Patrick Morarescu
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  • Ponds

    By Marisa Culatto
    Between June 2006 and June 2012 I returned to live in Gran Canaria, where I had spent my childhood. I found myself living in
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  • Progress

    By Alexander Papkok
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  • Proprioception

    By Charles Verni
    This is a documented version of a video installation, involving the use of an Xbox Kinect utilizing motion capture to trigger audio. This work
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  • Secrecy Lessons

    By Nic Oldert
    I try to grab the key out of Tessa's hand but she's too quick.  She's stronger than me and she never gives up without
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  • Smokin' Moses Awakens

    By Ross Fleming
    Life on da pavemint get really interestin' after dark I turn to my fren Ballz dis mornin' an' say hey Ballz guess wot Jayzuss
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  •     The crow rests in the coal dust on which miners’ dreams are made   but soon begins to flap its wings still
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  • The Last House

    By Kristien Potgieter
    Winner of the Deon Hofmeyr Award for Creative Writing, 2014   We only had two days until the old lady got back so we
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  • The List

    By Connie Fick
    He comes home tired, red. He doesn’t eat as usual. He sleeps. Questions start pouring into her mind. Why is he so red? Where
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  • The Lump

    By Jen Thorpe
    My mother taught me everything I know about being a good lover. That sounds strange, but it isn’t really. If you are going to
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  • The Memory of My Wardrobe

    By Ida Taavitsainen
    The Memory of My Wardrobe is a project that begun when I realized that many of my clothes had belonged to someone else before me, they
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  • To whom it may concern RE: The disappearance of Abigail Petty To all concerned parties, this is my account of the events leading up
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  • Three Minutes

    By Justine Joseph
    10.00pmThey say it takes three minutes to decide if you like someone or not. Physically, romantically, you know. It takes your body three brief
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  • Tiberias

    By Taylor Miller
    happy birthday, Chase laying next to me under half fluorescence two beds now one worn cotton grabbing cracked feet soft until put back to
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  • To Landscape

    By Mandy Lee Jandrell
    Having photographed for many years in theme parks and open air museums, I became interested in how these environments were constructed to build narrative.
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  • We're all connected

    By naz shahrokh
    We’re all connected, 2014 Digital C-print, color drawing media, silver thread and ink 4 x 4 inches (10.5 cm x 10.5 cm)   These
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  • why did that happen

    By Henry Gwiazda
    why did that happen
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