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  •  Karmageddon (n): its like, when everybody is sending off all these really bad vibes, right? And then, like, the Earth explodes and it's, like, a
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  • Athol Williams

    By Abigail George
    Xenophobia –Outside a wasteland of rain.Goodbye dragonfly.It is too early –In the gathering stages.Transfer of energy.J.D. Salinger –Classics almost spiritual.Jhumpa Lahiri.Arteries of water –Letting
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  • Breathing Trees

    By Karen Fitzgerald
    A vivid experience invariably involves most of the senses.  This image, Breathing Trees, conveys qualities of trees during a rain storm.  The energy of
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  • Bumped and Broken

    By Taahir Kamal Chagan
     - Part One –   1   At 13:59, on a warm Saturday afternoon in the City of Gold, there was a knock on Kevin’s
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  • Carousel

    By Jo-Ann Bekker
    It was the men walking towards me. It was my split open bag. It was the way one man held it away from him
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  • Childhood Home

    By Louella Sullivan
    Childhood HomeWhen they retire, my parentswill sell our childhood home.Hot-cracked slasto by the poolThe fading shadows of a long-gone frangipani treeThe echoes of children’s
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  • eGolizing

    By Norbert Herrmann
    Visions of Sissis and Bhoties fluster my moodas they almost block my routewhile I drive on Golden Highway to JohannesburgTownship beauties in Eldorado’s streetthey
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  • Epiphanies

    By Sylva Ifedigbo
    The box is full but Kene does not notice. It is not the tears that blur her sight. It is her thoughts, like the
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  • I am Lorna

    By Samantha Gibb
    Dear stranger,   Nobody knew the origins of the curse placed upon my family. All that mattered was its presence. Of course, it was
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  • Kasi Literature My Dream

    By Jacob Matsobane Tumelo Tlokana
    Friday 15h00. Papanyana standing next to the container tuck shop leaning against the wall. Reaching in his Chinese collar shirt packet for a cigarette and
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  • Last Roadtrip with my BrotherWe drive through the unruly hills of the Wild CoastThe potholes bigger than our Mazda 323Little boys and girls fill
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  • Long red nails

    By Jayne Flynn
    I have long red nails. I don't always have them, but I have them now. I look at my hands and I feel like
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  • Madala

    By Sihle Ntuli
    dlala madala whiskey breath cheering on, watching blow by blow rose of soweto out and blooming in six directions of boxing burnout hotstix mabuza don laka super nova tapping shoes of madala blomer brown blazer vintage cressida life iskorokoro behind the steering wheel and cruising
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  • No Thanks to Rita-lin!

    By Charmane Macgregor
    I do not know at what point in man’s evolution between when I left school (admittedly a long time ago but on an evolutionary
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  • Pulse

    By Kirby Manià
    It’s early evening We’re sitting in front of the Hofburg in Vienna Watching a dance class do the tango   Arms linked and still
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  • Spiritual Landscapes

    By Maria Kjartans
    Spiritual LandscapesOriginal Photographs are Lambda prints 70x100cm, edition of 7.  Shot in Iceland Dec 2011 – Jan 2012 “There is nothing more amazing than the
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  • Subliminal Split

    By George Dunkerton
    The Flashing Image "Section 3. Misleading-advertising". BCAP Code. Committees on Advertising Practice (CAP). 2013. "No advertisement may use images of very brief duration, or
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  • The Bench

    By Louella Sullivan
    The Bench That afternoon in the damp, green spring I see you and Chappie: at seventeen You are all angles and sharp edges With
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  • The Jack

    By Mayowa Koleosho
    The company had rented out a private X jet to get us out to Lobey and back. Supposedly these things were so fast they
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  • The Mango Tree

    By Akpa Arinzechukwu
    On this mango tree, I built my nest Where little beings like me Play hide and seek, And retreat to whenever the ground becomes
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  • the nymph in motion

    By Kent Lindiwe Williams
      At once startled and intrigued, the woman twists her gaze to the top right, staring wide-eyed into the swollen face of a god,
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  • The Traveller

    By Lunette Elle Warren
    I couldn’t see anything when I came back the first time. There was a man, but I didn’t know him, not really, except that
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  • The Woman on Loveday

    By Andiswa Maqutu
    #FeesMustFallOn my way to the Gautrain, I saw a woman on Loveday Street with one eye beaten shut. Beside her: Traffic; and an inky
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  • Tropical Fish

    By Mapule Mohulatsi
    Writing a telepathic love letter to her is a current mood which constantly shifts me between one beer, the next, with gusts of bipolar
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  • Twisted Pleasure

    By Taahir Kamal Chagan
    Perhaps I was hurt too much when I was younger. After all those battles hardened me, It became a kind of game to me:
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  • Vivid at the Office

    By Sharleene Olivier
    I have a busy, mornings only, office job at a mining engineering company. Here I sit, dreaming of the art I would rather be
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  • Vividly

    By Lavendhri Arumugam
    from the corner of the room that small red light winks  into a nearly sleeping eye and i, without extension cord or regard for
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