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Wednesday, 01 October 2008 02:00


By  Alex & Cocco

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The asterisk is typically used to mark written text. We have chosen to interpreted this sign as a form of 'censorship.' The following examples express a quirky and provocative way to express the need to speak out against being socially sedated by ... *

These images are part of a series titled Distil Ennui, a collection of photographs that attempt to present the beguiling beauty of everyday confinements, by re-proposing the forgotten. They are images whose essence is derived from the ordinary, displaced and the overlooked.
The work in Alex & Cocco's personal portfolios is always presented "as shot", allowing the images to flow and connect to each other with ease and sophistication. Rather than appearing precious and overly concerned with aesthetics, they more evidently describe a life and eye made behind the camera by way of representation.
It is important to note that every environmental scene entered, spontaneous or intended is always left undisturbed, thus establishing a predominant focal point for the work.
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