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Monday, 21 March 2011 02:00

Barcode Labyrinth

By  A.E. Souzis

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For the theme of III, I chose to combine two ubiquitous line symbols into one image: the abstract and mechanical lines of the barcode with the geometric and meditative symbol of the labyrinth. Each image features the barcode reshaped into a different classic labyrinth pattern: Barcode Labyrinth 1 is based on the Roman labyrinth, Barcode Labyrinth 2 is based on the Hopi Indian Square Labyrinth and the Barcode Labyrinth 3 is based on the Chartres Labyrinth from Chartres, France. To me, melding these opposing symbols--one of modern codes and information and one of ancient rituals and spiritual paths--opens up a visual space of transformation.
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