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Saturday, 03 September 2011 02:00

Moebius Strip

By  Mary Rouncefield

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The mathematician Moebius found that by introducing a twist into a strip of paper, before joining the two ends, he was able to make an object whose inside and outside formed one continuous surface. These Moebius Strips feature female figures trapped within those shapes unable to escape, themselves twisted. They are dressed in corsets symbolising the intellectual control and discipline imposed by mathematics. In 'Stitched Up' one of the figures is in fact constructing her own prison; she stitches the two ends of the strip together thus securing the two twists in the strip and confining herself and her companion to infinity.'Triangular' features a tessellation of triangles, containing a similarly attired and entrapped individual. Such a pattern can be repeated continuously, without a break 'ad infinitum'.
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