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Saturday, 03 September 2011 02:00

Monumental Concepts

By  Sophia Narrett

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Romantic love transforms life, allowing people to move beyond the loneliness and pain typical of human existence. In a world of fear and isolation, love is everything we can want. With this work I use embroidery and fabric paint to approach the monumental concepts of beauty, love and meaning.

I capitalize on the communicative power of symbols and color by using a language of love signifiers and clichés. Disco music describes the euphoric, glitzy kind of love I imagine, and the multi-colored disco floor can be a bed, a stage, a source of sublime light, a garden, or a cage. While suns, computers, and disco balls radiate truth, rainbows frame mini-landscapes, which act as doorways to new possibilities. In High Love Five and We Use Clover Veils to Feel the Sun, the rainbow is blown up and constructed with crocheted organza to frame isolated figures in frozen moments.

Elements within the embroidered scenes are mirrored in their hanging armatures, so that the concepts bleed outwards into the space of the viewer. At the same time, the plasticity of artificial leaves and the unnatural hues of the rainbow loops collapse the pieces into a zone of fakeness. The depiction of anything as infinite as love becomes more genuine when it admits of its own inherent inadequacy as a representational object.
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