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Saturday, 03 September 2011 02:00


By  Charlie Tuesday Gates
My work is rooted in an obscure childhood, inspired by my mother. An obsession with collecting stems from years of playing on my own on a rubbish dump watching her accumulate, sort and meticulous arrange endless amounts of other people's dumped possessions, forgotten memories and abandoned lives. Here I would create imaginary worlds... and poke wildlife.

I am repulsed by waste, epically the waste of life. After some strange animal related incidents I taught myself taxidermy, saving and recycling the seemingly useless and unwanted, transforming them into emotive and provocative assemblages- Twisting the natural with artificial, where beauty and death collide with nostalgia, dark humor and borderline insanity.

I turned my creative process into a live taxidermy performance and demonstration where the audience are encouraged to participate and generally be involved in every aspect of the creation of this new artwork. This show gives people a unique insight into the mind of an artist.
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