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Saturday, 03 September 2011 02:00

Unfinished Grotesque


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This work critiques the 'master' painter's gaze on the female form. The term 'master' was applied throughout the history of painting to an elite group of supposed male genii. These collages use images from these 'master' paintings to literally create grotesque female bodies of fetishized body parts. The use of the grotesque signifies the transgressing of boundaries. Boundedness is a critical feature of the grotesques' relationship with both the beautiful and the sublime. In aesthetic discourse, clear and discreet boundaries are integral to the apprehension of beauty. The grotesque is a 'body in the act of becoming... never finished, never completed; it is continually built, created, and builds and creates another body. The work is thus a transgression of the patriarchal gaze and empowers woman's selfportraiture.
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Thelma van Rensburg


1. ITCH Online Magazine publication of work, issue 04

2. ITCH online magazine publication e.05 http://www.itch.co.za/?article=301

3. ITCH online magazine publication e.07

Website: www.art.co.za/thelmavanrensburg
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