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Thursday, 06 October 2016 02:51

Sir Churge, Father Obsolescence

There’s an old proverbial postulate that the commercial competitive market model seeks to create the best possible goods at the lowest possible prices (now, I have always wondered why a product that normally costs one-thousand dollars would be abated to a two-hundred dollars sale. Is it true that the business horse is as loyal and compromising to customers as it appears to be, or was that good’s firsthand de facto price, in fact, two-hundred dollars. Interestingly, the commercial mouthpiece calls this mode of business a discount sale or customer appreciation, however, if we were to be unadorned and give this model a foolproof view; it would be valid to pronounce that the horse is running on a made-up loss or a sizeable profit, of course, considering its product’s original price: $200 to a hoax commercial price of $1000.) 

The claim is essentially the incentive concept which justifies market competition relative to the assumption that the result is the production of higher quality goods. Mr. Vauloo Jr., son of Mr. Moor Vauloo: a man of stature and integrity, the first Jewish descendent who emanated from a destitute background to building a successful automobile manufacturing business. He formed a four-pronged vertical integration strategy that involved Mr. Martin Woz an electronic computer specialist, Dr. Collen Camshire Oil and high strength plastic producer, Morris Foreman a steel and nonferrous metal supplier. This merger helped to architect “Vauloo Automobiles Enterprise Inc.”. It provided one of the best automobiles in that era. The automobile was a super car; it had durability, simple systems with high resistance to severe overloads and extremes in operating conditions, High-speed, Passenger comfort options, Good engine performance, and High-speed handling and vehicle stability. It had the best Chassis, Engine, Lubrication, Cooling systems, Electric systems, Transmission, and other mechanical subsystems such as Axles etc. the vehicles were not expensive; they were very affordable. This could be because of the gold standard system that was used at the company’s vicinity. Nevertheless, its customers were very happy. There was no need for repairing because the automobiles were everlasting machines. In essence, when Vauloo Enterprise Inc. built a vehicle for you from scratch, they naturally built it out of the best most durable material possible, with the intent for it to last as long as possible. When Mr. Vauloo was interviewed, he said that “why would my company make something poor knowing that we’d have to eventually do it again and expand more materials and energy. It’s inhumane to claim high prices with low quality. Other businesses need to understand that”. Consequently, after 30 years of satisfied customers and high quality goods at reasonable prices, the state’s president proclaimed that the gold standard would be thrown off and the advent of the paper (fiat) money was about to engulf the whole world. In other words, price instability, deficit production, glorified economies of scale and unaccountable credit were imminent. With significant entrances of new companies in the automobile industry; Mr Vauloo’s enterprise was eroded, particularly by Byron Sir Churge’s “Suzerain Automobiles”. Sir Churge monopolized the vehicle industry, subsequently, receiving huge attention from the press and the general public. He had interviews from the left to the right flank. At this stage, Mr. Vauloo had died a mysterious dead (he was allegedly assassinated at his remote house in blackheath). Henceforth, Vauloo Jr., now an activist of his father’s notions about the automobile industry, took it upon himself to expose and nullify Sir Churge’s claims of revolutionising the automobile industry by providing the best possible vehicles at the lowest possible prices. The public were electrified by this model, most people were impressed and they anxiously supported Sir Churge, but, some were suspicious of Suzerain Automobiles and skeptical of Mr Sir Churge views. Rumours told that he under pays staff, creates cheap steel and oil—including brutal killings of stubborn competitors (Mr. Moor Vauloo as the ultimate victim) and took over their businesses. These allegations or hearsays got to the hawks causing Sir Churge’s every aspect of his life to be probed from his finances to his personal background. There was a relatively large group that didn’t like Sir Churge but they admired Mr Vauloo Jr. They usually attended his public conferences every Saturday which were aimed at overthrowing Sir Churge’s empire. As Mr Vauloo Jr. approached the podium his fully-fledged advocates roared with enthusiasm, smiling, he then gestured the audience to sit down. He moved away from the stand holding a microphone to stand closer to the front-seated audience, and said “my father said that it is technically impossible to produce the best of anything if a company is to maintain a competitive edge and hence remain affordable to the consumer. Yes, it is scientifically impossible for Suzerain Automobiles to produce the best of vehicles if it is to maintain a competitive edge and simultaneously remain affordable to you. Literally, everything created and set for sale by them is immediately inferior the moment it is produced. 

Due to Sir Churge’s methods it is a mathematical impossibility to make the most scientifically advanced, efficient, and strategically sustainable vehicles. This is due to the fact that his market system requires that cost-efficiency exists at every stage of production from the cost of labor, materials and packaging. Thus, his competitive strategy is to make sure that the public buys their cars rather than from a competing producer which is doing the exact same thing as Suzerain Automobiles to make their goods both competitive and affordable. The crowds’ harmony with Mr Vauloo speech was as loud as honks in a Chinese city traffic. He continued, this wasteful consequence of the system is intrinsically obsolescence. In fact, even the bureaucracy of the economic system who are closely connected to Sir Churge are to blame. Based on a simple fact that their fundamental governing principle of their market economics; one that is strictly taught to students as true is that nothing produced can be allowed to maintain a lifespan longer than what can be endured in order to ensure frequent consumption. In other words, it is critical to the policy makers, especially Sir Churge that vehicles breakdown, fail or expire within a certain amount of time. As the founding fathers of it, planned obsolescence is the backbone of their underlying market of every car produced in cooperation and existence. While, Sir Churge and his overlords would admit to such a strategy outright. What they do is hide behind the method to make vehicles competitive and affordable. As fired as he was, he paused for a moment, and looked at his audience and said, my people with the advancement of technology creating a sustainable durable product would be as easy as overturning Sir Churge’s system. 

So, as you have experienced with your vehicles, if it was not wasteful enough that Sir Churge’s system inherently cannot allow the most durable efficient vehicles to be produced. Sir Churge as the father of obsolescence creatively planned that your vehicles breakdown after a few years of usage, he planned that you waste your hard earned money by coming back to him to buy another vehicle or its parts. With his planned obsolescence he deliberately recognizes that the longer any vehicle is in operation, the worse it is to sustain cyclical consumption and profit. Which is not the case, as you would know my father produced sustainable cars but he still managed to generate profit. What he did is that he did not focus on making and selling cars, he also sold the vehicle’s raw materials, and its secondary parts to other producers in different countries. My father’s era with its policy makers believed in the conservative dealership which are ultra-specialization, counter-purchase, buy-back approach, offset and switch trading. Of course, these approaches were supported by strict government policies and the leading gold standard rule. And this was changed because it constraint a few selfish and greedy capitalists such as Sir Churge who want to have all by themselves. “Value” as I called him was not a communist but he was a firm believer in equality and transparency. In other words, according to Sir Churge, product sustainability is inverse to economic growth, hence, there’s a direct reinforced incentive to make sure that lifespan is short of any given good produced. [Laughing] Mr. Vauloo Jr. said, In fact, they believe that the system cannot operate any other way. Now, as if he was possessed by a spiritual overlord, Mr Vauloo, walked back to the podium and placing the microphone in its handle he said, take one glance at the sea of land fields now spreading across the world; they show the obsolescence reality. There are now billions of cheaply made automobiles and other products each full of precious difficult to mine materials now rotting in waste piles usually due to malfunction or obsolescence of small parts, which in a conservative society one that my father advocated and one that you support could likely be fixed or updated and the life of the good extended.

Unfortunately, as efficient as that may seem in our physical reality, living in an efficient planet with efficient resources it is explicitly inefficient with respect to Mr. Sir Churge (the father of obsolescence) and the current market economy. To put it into a phrase…” (As he said this, a tall pale guy in the far-left end of the front-row seat stood swiftly pulling out something black and long as if it were gun. I couldn’t see because I was seating in the far-right of the fourth row but as I were trying to discern what that was, gunshots ran to Mr. Vauloo Jr. one hitting his head and the other two marked his chest, unconscious, he fell. The assassinator [Shacking] pulled out a short-gun and shot himself in the mouth. And shocked, I looked at the projector screen and read out Mr. Vauloo Junior’s last words of his presentation: Efficiency, Sustainability, and Preservation are the enemies of our economic system. Obviously, the phrase pertinent to Sir Churge, it justified the cruel some act of surcharging (Sir Churging) people on obsolesced vehicles—inter alia.                           
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