This issue features the winners of best of 2015’s Creative Writing programme at the University of the Witwatersrand.

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Monday, 25 August 2014 19:12

Death becomes her, 2014

Fragments of unbecoming Fragments of unbecoming Thelma van Rensburg
My work is grounded in a ‘feminist aesthetic of embodiment’ were I aim to present the female body in a way that
will elevate it to a place of power and becoming. The formal qualities of my work therefore include a reliance on
strategies associated with feminist modes of production such as the engagement with the tactility of the painting
medium, layering, subversion and fragmentation. I am, like the artist Leora Farber, particularly interested in representing
the female body as ‘a site of rupture and transgression of the patriarchal order’ through the utilisation of
the grotesque. My creative methods include fashion magazines containing idealised images of women as source
material and the dripping and manipulation of ink on paper. Akin to Marlene Dumas and Penny Siopis, I work
with the immediacy of the flowing properties of ink. I spontaneously react to what happens on the paper at the
moment of execution. My goal is to let the figure ‘become what it wants to be’ thus following my conceptual
goal of elevating female self-representation as a natural flow of power and becoming.
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Thelma van Rensburg


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