Wednesday, 14 June 2017 12:25


The Wedgwood Bed and Breakfast,

Melville, Johannesburg.



Are my eyes opening in a dream?

Or is a dream opening my eyes?


The furniture in the room floats

In steel–grey half–light


The side table swims towards me

It brings me my cellphone


Natural light at 5:30am?

I am far away from home.


In the front garden of The Wedgwood

A bird stutters a song about loneliness


With a wave of the television remote control

I summon the seers to tell me how today will be


Here the results of the weather check:

Young people battling the police

In front of an iconic university building

A bleeding priest being led into a church

A bus burning in the middle of a street

Young men looting a sportswear shop …


A stubborn dream is opening

The eyes of the young


It is another spring in Johannesburg.

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