Wednesday, 28 June 2017 16:50

The Catching Game

They tell me to stay positive

To look up and look forward

Not to bring the darkness with me wherever I go

But do they know there was a time when I was only brightness

When I laughed when they beat me

Smirked when they teased me

Loved lying on the grass

Looking up at trees

Laughing in the park

Running away from bees

Yes, I was happy

When I was 3

And 5

And ten

Nothing got to me then

Not the screaming at night

Not the beatings and the fights

Not the men touching me there

Or being locked in with no air

Not the thing shoved down my throat

Or being left alone

In hospitals

And cars

In corridors

And in the dark

I cried

And forgot

I got up

And I ran

I laughed

And I played

And looked ahead

I was a fairy

A dancer

A poet

A world leader

On the stage

In front of the camera

I had horses

And princes

And sparkling lakes

The world was all mine

And I couldn’t wait!
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